Chestnut Hill

Project Type: Historic Preservation, Rehabilitation
Location: Brevard, North Carolina

Award: Gertrude S. Carraway Award of Merit Preservation North Carolina 2001

Due to neglect and age, structural repairs to this ca. 1856 home required lifting the building to level the floors, replace sill beams, and install new steel supports and perimeter foundations. Other repairs included restoration of chimneys and fireplaces, wood floors and trim, doors, windows, and the original two-story front porch. The roof was replaced with dark red stamped-metal shingles that match an earlier roof, and a decorative spire was restored based on historic photographs.

Most of the interior was restored with plaster over the original split-wood lath. Alterations were limited to the installation of a kitchen, bathrooms, and new building systems. A screened garden room was built at the rear of the house, and a later carport was upgraded to blend with the main house. Outbuildings, including a pumphouse and springhouse, were repaired.