Zachary-Tolbert House

Project Type: Existing Condition Assessment Study and Restoration
Location: Cashiers, North Carolina

Award: Gertrude S. Carraway Award of Merit 2003, Preservation North Carolina

Completed ca. 1852, this house was constructed by a skilled carpenter for his own use and is a classic example of vernacular Greek Revival. Though largely intact with many original features, it was in poor structural condition when restoration began in 1997. The house, which was never painted on the interior or updated with plumbing or electricity, is constructed of wood framing with tongue-and-groove wide-board interior paneling. The exterior was also unpainted, with only scant evidence of original paint remaining on sheltered areas.

Based on archival research and investigation and analysis of the existing conditions, the house was fully restored is now used as a museum. A new building for events and offices has also been constructed on the site.